Discovery Bay Property Owners Awareness Coalition  (DBPOAC)

"Must Read Message"

The following individuals are either directly responsible for filing a suit against a homeowner to remove a county owned curb cut and sidewalk, or are indirectly responsible by not opposing this ludicrous lawsuit.  The homeowner counter-sued, and the DBPOA lost its case.  Therefore, these individuals (named below) caused a special assessment to be levied on the membership for this debt.  Right or wrong, the association can indiscriminately sue members and legally recover their losses through special assessments.  


Mark Lee

Chris Provencher

Michelle Carlson

Carey Harris

Jack Parker

Ed Turman

Pat Whitlow

Peter Baylacq

Omar Hindiyeh

Firoz Bharwani

Dominic Carano

Dave Ciruli

Shirley Tilton

Janeane Corallo


Ward Messersmith

Vince Vargas

Michael Kury (not even a homeowner)

Bob White

Lowell Onstead


Bob Lyman (prior Board President, DERC Chairman, and Board Consultant)

Dale Weland 

Vicki Laganowsky

Dewel Morgan


Brian Bonney